How to Select Room Heaters

In winter season room heaters become a necessary purchase during this season and especially when you live in northern India.  Presently, it is very chilling in India. Here’s why we’ve come up with list of top rated room heaters. These days room heater is a must and it is important when you have kids also in the house. They create a nice and warm atmosphere in the room which saves the members from chilling cold outside.

We’ve listed few points down below to consider before you room heater for yourself. There are many facets to look into before you finally make the purchase decision.  The points you need to bear in mind includes wattage, price, power cord length, handle safety feature etc.

Features to Look in Room Heaters

  • Wattage

 The power/wattage is one the main feature to look for as it affects its heat output, and higher wattages make more heat. 1000 W room heaters come with a 5 Amps plug while 1500 W or 2000 W room heaters come with a 15 Amps plug.

  • Automatic On-Off Switch

 This automatic mode switch turns the heater on/off if it tips over or overheats. Some units will switch off if somewhat or someone touches the defensive grill.

  • Power Cord Length

 Power cord length feature helps avoid the need for an extension board and allows more choices for heater placement.

  • Handle

A handle is equally a requirement and an ease when moving a heater from room to room.

Top Rated Room Heater List

  1. Usha FH 3112 PTC Fan Room Heater
  2. Usha FH 1212 PTC Fan Room Heater
  3. Orpat OEH-1260 Fan Room Heater
  4. Usha HC 812 T Room Heater
  5. Bajaj Blow Hot Room Heater
  6. Usha 3303 Halogen Room Heater
  7. Usha 3002-QH Halogen Room Heater
  8. Bajaj Majesty RFX2 2000-Watt Room Heater

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